Club International UK - Volume 24 No 02 (1995)

Club International UK – Volume 24 No 02 (1995)

Club International UK – Volume 24 No 02 (1995)
English | JPG | 100 Pages | 144 MB

Club International Vol 24 No 02, One Page Censored By Original Scanner.

Jess Mirren on the cover but the set appeared the following month
Karolina Mirasova as Carolina Meredith
Tina Hayes & Sara St. James as Jacquie in Tina’s monthly set
Sarah JanePatricia Ford as centrefold Brandi
Chrissy Molnar as Chrissy
Sara Johnson as Sarah
Diana Stevenson as Diane
Vanessa Chase as Vanessa

Talkin’ Blue:
Lisa Anne Snookes, Penny Simms, Sabrina Dawn, Gabrielle Milner, etc

Kissy kissy and welcome to the slavering big Luurve Issue. Well, you know it’s Valentine’s Day and all that sloppy sticky stuff, and we have to fill the mag with something!

And talking of love there’s plenty of mingeful little minxes to fall for this month. For ex: Caroline (big tits, nice arse, beautiful boat race), Sarah Jane (blonde, babelicious and up for it), Vanessa (sweet, sexy and shaggable) and bonk-me-bandy Brandi (shoom!). And I haven’t even mentioned that tiny tart Tina and her bubbly bed-mate, Club Girl of the Year, Jacquie. They’re up to their knuckles in pussy pie, but quite honestly I was surprised our Jac even made it to the shoot… You see it was Jacquie’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and, perhaps because of her new-found fame or simply because she’s a one-woman fuck fest, a mega-famous movie star took her out for a celebration nosh up.

By 2am young Jacquie was, to put it mildly, larruped; well oiled; pissed out of her tiny, etc. Problem was she had to get up to go on our Tina shoot at 8 in the morning. So …

Carolina Meredith loves leather and adores the men who wear it. “I’d love to have been a biker, but Basingstoke is hardly Hells Angel country! The only Fat Boy round these parts works in the chip shop!” Instead Carolina settles for wearing black and boots, and being screwed by the kind of men her …


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