Club International UK - Volume 24 Number 01 (1995)

Club International UK – Volume 24 Number 01 (1995)

Club International UK – Volume 24 Number 01 (1995)
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Club International UK Vol 24 No 01 Kinky Little Kitten! Girl Of The Year Results. Cherry Pie! Packed With First-Time Nudes. Rubber Up! Tina Gets Pervy.

Featuring Models:
Sara St. James on the cover and centrefold as Club Girl of the Year Jacquie
Tina Hayes as regular girl Tina
Tanya is Tatiana Bobrova

Girl of the Year Models:
Melissa (23-05) is Super Ramba
Simone (23-03) is Melina Kis
Evie (23-13) is Evie Stewart
Romana (23-01)
Barbara (23-02) is Barbara MacDonald
Melaine (23-10) is Melanie Page
Sarah (23-05) is Sabrina West
Nadia (23-11) is Nadia Presnova
Jemma (23-06) is Jenna Jamieson

Talkin’ Blue:
Cherilyn Lewis, a model who appeared as Gail and has an MIR here, Tatiana Bewer, etc

Welcome to Club’s kinky issue… Kinky? We’re all a bit kinky, aren’t we? Aren’t we…? But it’s all relative really — well, getting off with your cousin is relatively kinky, anyway. No, what I mean is that things you might think are a bit south of the border, over the top, or downright depraved, could be a normal Saturday night’s nookie for your mate. Personally speaking, I can’t even get a hard-on without Brookside’s Beth sucking on my plums. Which, come to think of it, probably explains why my sex life is so shit.

I also happen to know that our very own Tina Hayes enjoyed squeezing into her rubber outfit so much that now she can’t shag in anything else. You can see her wearing it on page 14. Another kinky little kitten is Patricia (Page 33). From what I hear, what she doesn’t know about double-ended dildos isn’t worth knowing… Okay, that’s complete bollocks but it makes you think, doesn’t it? Which is more than you can say about some of the features we’ve got on show this month. Gavin Hills’

Lads’ Guide to Kinky 5 blunt and to the point, could give you some ni ideas for what to do between the hours of t and seven next Sunday afternoon. Babs Hall’s trip round the Capital’s kinkiest night clubs is a bit of a laugh and Jake Black’s scary run-in with the X-Press crew is a… Oh, C what am I talking about? I Patrick can’t even think straight. I just can’t get our MEGA-SMOOCHIE-SEX-POT GIRLIE OF THE YEAR off my mind.


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