Color Climax – Number 104 October 1979

Color Climax – Number 104 October 1979
English, German, French | JPG | 72 Pages | 75.47 MB

Color Climax No.104 shaven havens, plus more… COLOR CLIMAX is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe.

Sonja and Marylin had had a very enjoyable time during their two week stay in France. Now here they were back in England again being met by Luke, Sonja’s boy-friend, at the Seajet terminal. “I wonder what he’ll think about my new hair cut,” smiled Sonja, as they waved to Luke outside the terminal. The night before they left France, the two girls had been talking about when they were little, and amongst much giggling – and more for a dare than anything – they had shaved each others’ pussies, till they were silky smooth. “He’ll love it,” replied Marylin, “don’t worry.” “You’re back at last,” smiled Luke, “I’ll get your bags, and drive you home to your little love nest.”

Claude couldn’t believe his eyes. The blonde girl playing the pinball ma-chine, and smiling at him so sweetly. Could it be …? Yes, it was, Martine, the girl he’d met six months ago at a garden party in Fontainbleu and fucked in amongst the shrubbery. Martine had also recognised him. “Hi Claude, how nice to see you again, how are you?” she smiled. “Not too bad,” answered Claude, “why don’t you come back to my place, we can have a chat without all the disturbance,” continued Martine. This was an open invitation to a fuck.

John and Paula were enjoying their night out at Ray and Jilly’s. The evening had started with a visit to an informal dinner and cabaret club, but the cabaret hadn’t been very entertaining, so rather than break up a happy party Jilly had suggested that they carry on at their place. The drink was flowing freely and Paula was getting quite merry. “I didn’t think much of that exotic dancer,” she said. Jilly agreed, “Neither did I, she was about as exotic as a British Railways cheese sandwich!” “Do you reckon that you can do better then?” John asked his wife, laughingly. “You just watch,” replied Paula, rising a little unsteadily and gyrating her hips to the music that was on the record player. “How am I doing then?” she asked him. “Very sexy,” he joked, running his hand up to her crutch …


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