Color Climax - Number 124 October 1983

Color Climax – Number 124 October 1983

Color Climax – Number 124 October 1983
English | JPG | 96 Pages | 33.88 MB

Color Climax 124 Vintage Danish Sex Magazine edited by Color Climax Corporation
Magazine is in Very Good Condition and Complete – All Pages are in Full Color.
Trans TV Girl : she-male shock – Buxom brunette Scooty TURNER in MMFF Foursome Orgie – Color climax Girl ERIKA : Tender Trio – Buxom Covergirl Domino – Shoe shop shuffle – …

Starring: Sooty TURNER
Featuring: Shemales

All models, actresses or actors featured in this magazine are certified by the publishers to be of legal age (over age 18) as required by federal law.

Emma stood outside the cobbler’s shop, feeling slightly silly. She fancied the young shoe-repairer like mad, but she’d already been there three times with the same pair of shoes, and felt that her excuse for constantly visiting the place was growing a bit thin. “Never mind!” she thought to herself, plucking up courage at the same time, “this time I’m going to have him!” she continued, walking in and showing him her shoes…

Rebekka and Jens waited expectantly for Erika outside the arrival hall at Copenhagen Airport. They were both in love with her and could hardly wait to get her back to their place for a reunion manage a trois. “Drive back as fast as you can!” Rebekka urged Jens as they all got into his car, “the quicker we get back home, the quicker we can all get on the job!” she added breathlessly…

Some people like water-sports, others like screwing whilst hanging from the candelier with a feather up their arse! Its all a question of individual taste. or in other words: “Different strokes for different folks!” But the only stroke you’ll get from Diana – or “Domino” as she’s been nick-named – is the kiss of her whip, or any other instrument of flaggelation that she may have in her hands…

Although this sequence might give the impression of being an ordinary photo-story, and not something suited to the “Around The World” section of this magazine, the fact is, that we are once again presenting the naked truth for you! Nothing in this sequence has been in-vented. It all started, when we asked our correspondent in Los Angeles to get a line on a beauty named “Jennifer”…


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