Color Climax – Number 129 November 1984

Color Climax – Number 129 November 1984
English, German, French | JPG | 115 Pages | 73.85 MB

Color Climax 129 issue. Color Climax is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe

Featuring Models:
Sue and Elin (Ceecee Model) in Sexy Partners
Lynn Armitage in Busty Barmaid
Jennie Fresh as Eunice
Cara Lott and Elaine Southern in Big Love Muscle

“Most chicks think my Gazebo’s an animal!” Al gasped in reply. Anna was indifferent to what Al’s other lovers had thought … “Don’t let’s waste time talking!” she urged him, “let’s fuck!” she continued hornily, impaling herself on his rampant rod …

“Annie Dynamite” was a very naughty stripper, who’d dropped in to buy some sexy, new items. Bar-ent, the owner, was willing to offer her a “special discount” …

“If you’re nice to me. I’ll let you have the gear at half price!” he suggested significantly. “You don’t have to tell your boss, and you can pocket the differ-ence!” Annie crouched down immediately …

“Hmmm, I love it! I love it!” Pat kept repeating, as her body building lover fucked her powerfully and kept up an in-tense oral attack on Pam’s tender “orgasmified” cunny. “Hey, don’t make so much fucking noise!” Burt told her urgently. “Someone might hear us. And just because we haven’t been caught so far, doesn’t mean that we won’t!”


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