Color Climax - Number 156 December 1991

Color Climax – Number 156 December 1991

Color Climax – Number 156 December 1991
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 248.6 MB

Color Climax 156 sexy celebration, hardcore Danish Sex

Featuring Models:
Lewd Little Nympho = Solange Hop
Two Gay Girls = Ginger Lynn & Cody Nicole
“Goldie” in “Hollywood Ecstasy” is Patty Plenty

Claude had good reason to celebrate, having just won a very big shipping contract. He invited his P.R. woman, Renate, and Pascale. his secretary, back to his palatial house on the outskirts of Paris, to -crack” a bottle – or two – of Champagne with him…

When Jack met Laureen by an ice-cream stand on the outskirts of Los Angeles, lithe did he know that she had a big surprise in store for him… She had a physical peculiarity that she kept well hidden, and for a very good reason. It was a case of “lust at first sight” and after a very short time, they were strolling about hand in hand like a couple of lovers who have known each other for a long time. They went back to Jack’s place, and got straight down to business… “I like the way you lick your popsicle!” Jack remarked, smiling foxily. “How about doing the same to my cock’?”

Gigi loved the French Riviera, especially Nice, which she had a special attachment to. She loved the old quarter of the town, but what she was more wild about was the fact that Nice was one of the favourite hunting grounds of rich playboys who were out on a “pussy safari”! Gigi knew that all she had to do, was take a stroll along the “Promenade des Anglais” to get captured by a couple of “cunt hunters”. One day, she ate a light meal at a little Italian restaurant, and got two cocks for dessert!

And on top of that, she didn’t have to pay the bill! It was taken care of! “How about communing with nature?” one of the men suggested. “What a wonderful idea! I really love the great outdoors!” Gigi replied without hestitation. “Let’s drive!” She had been starving for a nice tasty penis. and the thought of having two instead really made her mouth – and pussy – water…


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