Color Climax - Number 164 March 1994

Color Climax – Number 164 March 1994

Color Climax – Number 164 March 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 116.18 MB

Color Climax 164 Maid Service, plus more… COLOR CLIMAX is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe

Featuring Models:
Nympho Fox Viviana
Pricks For Hire Trinity Loren

Harvey owned a big tannery and a chain of shoe stores. He had pots of money, but he could not hold onto a girlfriend for very long, because all the chicks he met got quickly bored whenever he talked about his business. That’s why he was overjoyed the evening he met Dominique, and she informed him that she was also in the leather trade. At last, he had met a woman who shared his love of smooth, soft hide. But when they got back to her place, he discovered that hers was a different…

Anatol was in a very good mood. The film he was shooting was almost in the can, and the day’s work was over. “Okay Gregory, you can go home!” he told the cameraman. “But Delphine and Martina can stay. I have a couple of things I want to go over for tomorrow’s shoot!” The truth was that as well as feeling happy, Anatol was feeling horny, and had something very…

Kitty was brought up in a very strictly run convent, where the subject of sex was so taboo that the girls all had to bath with their panties on, sleep with their hands outside the blankets, and the closest thing to a prick was a sacristy candle! The only erotic thrill she could remember was being fondled by a visiting priest… Naturally, as soon as she got out, she decided to make up for lost time. Her starving cunny needed to be fed constantly. She was obsessed by prick, and picked up guys all the time. Guys like Michael, for example. She ran into him in the…


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