Color Climax – Number 166 November 1994

Color Climax – Number 166 November 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 pages | 118 MB

Color Climax 166 Sperm Cocktail, plus more… COLOR CLIMAX is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe

Featuring Models:
Sexual magic = Anita Blond
Paris Games – Gina Wildes
Crazy For Cocks – Juanita De Sol
A Natural Talent – Chessie Moore
Perfect Girl – Crystal Gold

Featuring Stories:
One of the advantages of having a bar at home, is that there is always a drink close at hand. Another: it always im-presses one’s guests. That’s precisely how Martina and Mitzi felt, after Vladimir had met them at a bar… “Why take root here?” he asked them. “I have my own pub at home!” The girls did not…

Angelique liked to drive into the centre of Paris once a week, to do a little window shopping, and to see if there was any possibility of having a little adventure – purely on the off chance. That’s what she always said, but the window shopping part of her story was pure fiction. What she was on the lookout for was a nice big prick…

There are lots of magic geographical names like Tahiti, Acapulco or Ibiza, for example. Lydia chose Ibiza, which she thought of as a little paradise on Earth. Lydia’s love of the idyllic island wasn’t her only reason for staying there. She was also very fond of the rich holiday-makers and their fat wallets -not to mention their fat pricks! Being a very sexy kind of chick…

Reinhard and Herbert had made the deal of the century with Lois, a very bright young lady who spe-cialised in importing fancy clothes and sexy underwear. They decided that a celebration was called for. Their intention was to go to town, drink Champagne and have dinner in an exclusive restaurant in Dus-seldorf. But Lois had another idea about how to celebrate. “What do you think about these new bras I’ve just had sent from Italy?” she asked, flashing the one she was wearing at the two businessmen. Reinhard and his partner were astounded, but they quickly recovered their composure…


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