Color Climax – Number 171 June 1996

Color Climax – Number 171 June 1996

Color Climax – Number 171 June 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages Complete | 107 MB

Color Climax 171 Issue from COLOR CLIMAX is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe
New scans and complete magazine

Featuring Models:
Paris Sandwich: Tabatha CASH
Speedy Fucker: Debra Lynn (from Blue Climax 28)
Lucky Lola: Jay Sweet
Sex Crazy: Nicolette Alex
Busty Angel: Whitney WONDERS
Maid for Lust: Cindy Perez

Maurice and Jean liked to cruise the centre of Paris, looking for girls. And if they got lucky, their “victim” or “victims” could expect the sexual adventure of a lifetime… Angela was from Deauville. She was new in town, and quite enchanted with the “City of Light”. She was an easy “prey”, and the smooth-talking Maurice had no trouble charming her into inviting Jean and himself back to the…

Adele was a fast driver, and always getting into trouble with the Highway Patrol. That’s why she cursed to herself when she looked into the rear-view mirror and saw the speed-cop… Oh, shit! Now, I’ll get anot-her speeding ticket!” she thought. “Unless I get a little cute, of course…” Adele pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the policeman to park his motor cycle…

Lola looked pretty seductive at the best of times, but when she really made an effort to impress a guy, she always got lucky… Freddy had a seat on the London Stock Exchange and a busy finan-cial advisory firm which he ran from his flat. He needed a secretary, and Lola needed a job, so she phoned him, arranged a meeting and dressed to “kill”… The suit Lola was wearing was not Fred-dy’s favourite colour, but the body it was covering gave the young stock-broker a very definite reminder of what he had “lurking” under his belt! Freddy’s fait was a short taxi ride from…

Sometimes, certain words or expressions are quite inadequate to describe a situ-ation or person. “Nymphomaniac”, for example was not nearly strong enough when it came to Iris… She was sex-crazy and could never get enough male meat. In other words, she was “a-dick-ted”! When one of her girlfriends told her about all the spare tools there were to be found in Ibiza, she rushed out to the local travel agent and bought a ticket on the earliest flight to the island paradise! And as soon as she had booked into her hotel, she began a cock-hunt. It did not take the hot young beauty long to find what she…


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