Color Climax - Number 190 December 2004

Color Climax – Number 190 December 2004

Color Climax – Number 190 December 2004
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 111 Pages | 455.14 MB

Color Climax 190 Porn Magazine. Cover Pages Are Missing From Scans

Show – singing rehearsal for a musical – an everyday kind of afternoon, if it hadn’t been Robert sitting at the grand piano. Suddenly got a feeling never before experienced. I liked the man and as his hand gently touched mine I lost all self-control.

If you want to understand me then we have to go back in time to when I was a schoolgirl. At the age of sixteen I already looked older for my age. already had an expanded blouse. I gave the come-on to older boys and they fumbled at my tits. But that was only the beginning …

A college trip after exams. We’re in Paris. The youg teacher with us is really quite cute — but ever so reserved. So Sonja had an idea. We’ll go to his room and tell him we’re scared and we want him to protect us. Then we’ll jump him.

The nice lad really was taken aback. But after a few min-utes he’d become quite composed. and Sonja. who is always a fast worker. didn’t need long to get his cock in her hand. He could hardly call for help. could he? What would his colleagues have thought. So he let us continue to play with his dick – our licking and probing tongues soon got the desired result. He got a lovely stiff hard-on.


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