Color Climax - Number 43 (1970)

Color Climax – Number 43 (1970)

Color Climax – Number 43 (1970)
English, German | JPG | 52 Pages | 103.42 MB

Color Climax 43 Vintage Porn Magazine For Adults!

I decided at once to use this piece of knowledge to make the hag pay for her wiles. I had no clear idea of how to do it, but I promised myself that she’d get it in the neck, and the thought of having her in my power delighted me. Before she had time to place the piece of jewelry, which she had pilfered, some-where to compromise the girls, I had asked her to come to my office for a chat. She was more than willing, and I soon had her seated in an easy chair, mainly intended for important customers.

I confied to her that I had been making some preliminary inquiries, but not of what kind, and she was so excited that she for-got to ask. Gleefully she assured me that she was almost certain that some proof of the impudent hussies’ thefts would turn up when she demanded to search their lockers and bags before they left the store. This confirmed my suspicion of the hag’s plans.

She chuckled maliciously, “And then — then they’ll catch it good and proper, they won’t get away with it, they — they —oh — they’ll catch it all right!” Her gestures revealed haw she imagined corporal punishment would be meted out to the girls, or at least one of them. I felt righteous indignation boiling in me, fighting back an over-whelming urge to slap the malicious woman in the face. However, it wouldn’t look zoo good letting her go with marks on her face, and furthermore, other ideas began to form in my mind, perverted ideas perhaps, but


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