Color Climax - Number 55 (1972)

Color Climax – Number 55 (1972)

Color Climax – Number 55 (1972)
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Color Climax 55 Yvonne, Else and Sonja, plus more… Pornography in Color

From the loudspeaker came the soft, pleasant voice of a woman: “Ladies and Gentlemen, in a moment we will be landing in Manila.” Kid R. Sybilianus straightened his tie, crushed out his Havana, and bored, looked out of the window. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and he could already see the brilliant lights of Manila below. “Finally,” he thought, as he pushed his empty cognac glass out of the way.

There was only one thing on his mind now: a big, comfortable bed — the sleep of the Just. Then he’d be ready to meet Manila … The long trip had worn him out. Not so much the flight though, but that beautiful stewardess who’d been slinking up and down the aisle since the crew shift in Karachi. She had a fantastic figure, and a very natural look about her. And she did not have that sterilized tooth-paste smile like so many other stewardesses. This luscious piece of woman would be a wonderful addition to his collection. But Kid R. Sybilianus was far from stupid, and realized that it wasn’t that easy for a passenger to get into the skirts of a stewardess — that sort of thing happened only in novels or the weekly newspaper’s gossip column.

And Kid did not really wish to walk head-on into defeat. But he’d found this girl’s relaxed and self-confident appearance very exciting indeed, ever since she stepped on board in Karachi. That gracious smile, the movement of her hips, the elegant, al-most transparent blouse that undoubtedly concealed a pair of nature’s most delicious fruits. Kid imagined that this lovely girl must be an absolute goddess in bed. But he condoled himself with the thought that he would soon be able to offer his services to the ladies of Manila. After fastening his seat belt, he looked curiously down the aisle. She had just begun checking to make sure that everyone’s seatbelts were fastened correctly. An …


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