Color Climax - Number 66 (1973)

Color Climax – Number 66 (1973)

Color Climax – Number 66 (1973)
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Color Climax 66 Featuring Porn Pics And More …

I kindly asked Maria to follow me into my room. I pulled the curtain before I turned to the twenty-two-year-old girl who watched me anxiously. Without a word I handed her the forged bill. She stared at it for several minutes, then she lowered her head and her eyes filled with tears. “Why did you do it?” I asked severely. When she just bowed her head in shame, I raised her pretty. grave face with my hand. “Have you got an excuse?” Silently she shook he head. “There’s a cane on my desk, go and fetch it, Maria! I shall make you …” “Oh, oh!” she whispered with quavering voice, hid her face in her hands and ran out of the room. In a state of randy excitement I waited for ten minutes. Then I went into the drawing-room. Maria was sitting trembling in the sofa, looking nervously at the cane. “Come, Maria! I’m waiting!” Her large childlike eyes pleaded for mercy but I continued harshly, “Come immediately!” With obvious fear she handed me the cane. She knew what was in store for her.

Fearfully she bent down, grasping her slender calves with both hands. As I lifted her full skirt, she groaned in shame and there was a trembling in her supple thights. She was wearing thin. transparent panties, which hugged her muscular boyish arse. I was shaking all over with excitement at the sight of the girl sighing and moaning with fear and shame. Maria relaxed for a moment when I cased her thin panties down, and my hand touched her naked behind in a light caress. I stepped well back and soon the cane flicked across her bobbing, wobbling hemispheres. I hit her again and again and again in this humiliating position. Suddenly she turned, clasping the redwealed bum in her hands. “Stop, stop — oh, don’t give me more, please!” In my frantic randiness I could feel how hard and stiff my clitoris had become. “You’ve deserved a severe punishment, darling, bend down,” I snarled.

As she did not obey immediately. I caught her by the arm and pulled her into a corner where a secret jib door lead to the windowless punishment chamber. She followed me, screaming wildly. Only when I had quickly shoved her through the open door did she make herself free, looking wondering about her. “What kind of a room is this!” she exclaimed as her eyes fell on the padded sofa and the “horse”. Terrorsiricken the tears ran down her checks. I answered with a laugh. “This chamber is set aside for naughty little girls who will not do me the pleasure of pulling their knickers


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