Color Climax - Number 81 (1975)

Color Climax – Number 81 (1975)

Color Climax – Number 81 (1975)
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Color Climax 81 Magazine Vintage Wife Swappers Pornography in Color

Shortly after. Sven and his lovely red-haired wife Hanne arrived. Ernst’s eyes sparkled when he greeted her. • I’ve been looking forward very much to seeing you.’ he said and gave her a meaningful look. Soon all the guests were assembled. and addressing a few words of welcome to them. Ernst concluded, “And I’m particularly pleased that I now have the opportunity of meeting the ladies whose support indeed has been invaluable.-

Gino the footman could not forget all the exciting sights he had seen in the sitting-room. Through the keyhole he peeped at the randy sex games which the once so distinguished looking guests now freely indulged in. “Look. Mara.’ he called. “here s something you won’t see every day!” Kneeling down she put her eye to the keyhole – and had the surprise of her life. But . they are all fucking!” she gasped without removing her eyes. “Yes. and I bet you’d like to join them. wouldn’t you?” Gino asked in a joking tone “But we II man-age on our own!” he added and pulled off her panties.

“What are they doing now come on, tell me!” Gino asked and grasped one of her large, firm tits. Mara herself had been turned on by watching the orgy so she took a firm hold of Gino’s rock-hard cock and began to wank it. “Okay, show you what they are doing,” she said, taking the throbbing head of his prick into her mouth. “Ahh, that’s good.” Gino groaned as she raked her teeth and lips up and down the turgid shaft, “but I want to screw you properly there’s no reason why we all shouldn’t have a bit of fun?”

Mr Schmidt’s elegant house had been turned into a brothel everywhere were fucking and screwing couples to be found. “Wow, you should see Mr Schmidt now the things he does to that red-haired girl!” Mara whispered randily “Never mind, I’m more interested in you,” Gino said, shoving his fat cock faster and faster into her dripping snatch. As he could feel the sperm rising in his bollocks he pulled out, and egged on by the cries of ecstasy that came from the other side of the door, he filled Mara’s mouth with his spunk.


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