Color Climax - Number 93 May 1977

Color Climax – Number 93 May 1977

Color Climax – Number 93 May 1977
English, German, French | JPG | 64 Pages | 75.89 MB

Color Climax 93 Porn Magazine. New Scans And Complete Magazine By ATSOUDI

Johs brought his black buddy home for the weekend. His wife Jonna immediately phoned her girlfriend, who turned up a few minutes later. When she saw the horny black guy Rufus, she pulled him down on the sofa to warm him up, while Jonna enviously looked at them. “My God, what a beautiful guy.” Thilde, the girlfriend, laughed, while they were cozily sitting around. And Jonna, who was quickly turned on by Rufus, got up and started dancing in an attempt to get him away from her girlfriend. Rufus immediately jumped up and Johs asked Thilde to do a horny dance, which already after the first number turned into a strip. During the dance Rufus rubbed his dark fingers over Jonna’s wet cunt. Jonna sat down and took the huge black cock between her tits. “Fuck me,” she panted.

Once a week a group of young people with the same interests meet in a “Club” on the outskirts of Copenhagen. They start their sessions by dancing to soft music so that they can get to know each other better — and then suddenly bang! Everything goes wild. In a jiffy Bertil has his hands around Britta’s lovely body and Frank grabs hold of Yvonne.

Dirk had often been irritated at the person living above him because of the loud music that always came from up there. Today he finally went upstairs to complain, but to his surprise he was greeted by a lovely young girl wearing a neglige. She offered him a drink, and it was obvious that she had had a great deal to drink herself. She leaned back and spread her legs apart. “Well, maybe I drink too much, but I always feel so lonely,” she explained and got up. “And when my cunt is really burning, a little booze always helps.”


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