Ejaculation - Number 06

Ejaculation – Number 06

Ejaculation – Number 06
English, German, French, Dutch | JPG | 88 Pages | 93 MB

Ejaculation 06 Vintage Porn Magazine By Pleasure Verlag

“You’re supposed to keep your eye on the ball-not on me!” Eva leaned over the pool table, and her bosom almost popped out of her loose top. “What are you looking at?’; she teases her boy-friend. “Didn’t you ever see a girl before?… God, it looks like your eyes are about to bulge out !” Eva was getting bored. She felt that the man who invented this ridiculous game ought to be put up against a wall and shot ! That’s why she was so naughty ! “What kind of man are you ? Instead of taking me back to your flat, you bring me to this stupid pub ! I could scream !”

“Hah ! You’re just mad because you’re too dumb to hold the cue stick right !” Werner walked over to her in order to explain things better. “Let alone the fact that you don’t know how to handle a cock, either !” “Whoever gave you that idea?” Eva was truly angry. “You can’t be foolish enough to believe that I’ve never held a prick in my hand before?” “Oh, well”, Werner is delighted that he’s been able to “get her goat” this way, “I doubt that you’re even old enough to have had all too much experience with sex. Who’d ever believe that you could take care of a cock like a forty year old woman?”

“What the hell ! I suppose there’s no harm in taking a look !” Eva pulled his pants down. “Ah, not bad !”, she remarked after seeing his rod “It would be a shame to leave it unoccupied”, she said, and began to “blow” on his “instrument”, ‘A For I’ve observed that if things like this aren’t used, they lose their size! And we certainly don’t want that !”


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