Exciting - Number 01 (1976)

Exciting – Number 01 (1976)

Exciting – Number 01 (1976)
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Exciting 01 Magazine from Color Climax: a magazine that guarantees sexual excitement on every page of every issue. Crammed with the strongest in hard-core pornography.

Beatrice was on her own in her big, exclusive apartment. Her friend Allan, who was an airline pilot, had been away flying for almost a week now. “Why does he have to be away for such a long time?” she thought, “and where does that leave me? I can hardly do without a cock for a couple of hours, and here I am living like a nun for days.” She undressed and spread her thighs. “If only he knew how wild I am for at tremendous fuck right now,” she sighed, opening her cunt like she did for Allan.

“Tell your master that he may bugger off!” proclaimed Getz von Berlichingen in Goethe’s play. Irreverent jesters steadfastly maintain even today, that this was a direct encouragement to anal sex. And, to be true, that is just what the world famous quote describes. The fact that time has changed the word into a coarse swear-word may be explained by the fact that anal sex in later days, and especially in the 20th century, has become a taboo, the existence of which is hardly spoken of in society as such. This in spite of the fact that, according to scientific research, it is widely but discreetly practised. Among the many erotic acts in the field of anal sex, anal in-tercourse between man and woman is the most interesting. Buggery has, through the ages from mediaeval times till the end of the 19th century, been a treasured and common mode of intercourse, which is witnessed by sculpture, drawing or in writing from the old Greeks and other cultures.

It happened quite by chance as my husband and myself were motoring through Scandinavia last summer. We’d just had a terrific row over something or other, and weren’t saying a word to each other. We approached a couple in the road-side who were hitch-hiking, and to get a chance to break up the lousy atmosphere between us, I stopped the car to pick them up. Somehow they must have felt something was wrong, for suddenly the young man leaned forward and said he knew a good and peaceful spot a little up the road. Then, suddenly, I found myself sitting stark naked with the man’s prick in my hand. looking at my husband and the girl fucking. I began feeling so happy, all our rotten problems seemed to have melted in the sun. And I’d never tried a session like that before.


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