Exciting - Number 02 August 1976

Exciting – Number 02 August 1976

Exciting – Number 02 August 1976
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Exciting 02 Magazine from Color Climax: a magazine that guarantees sexual excitement on every page of every issue. Crammed with the strongest in hard-core pornography.

“It’s beautiful to take your clothes off in front of a guy like Frank,” thought Rene excitedly. She had taken her girl friend Debbie to the photographer’s with her. Debbie sat and watched them curiously. “You sure do have nice breasts, Rene,” said Frank, “one gets completely horny photographing you. Debbie, wouldn’t you like to play with her?” Debbie jumped at the suggestion and took her clothes off.

“Just show how much you like each other,” Frank said to the lovely girls. He really didn’t need to say a thing, because Debbie and Rene were already caressing each other. Frank noticed that his prick was beginning to grow in his pants, but he tried to control himself and concentrate on the photographing. “God, you have such a nice pussy,” sighed Rene while she let her tongue play with Debbie’s clitoris. That was too much for Frank. “May I just try and feel?” he said and stuck his finger into her cunt. “My word,” he burst out, “you are already dripping wet!”

These photos were taken by my husband, Larry, who is an enthusiastic amateur photographer – unfortunately! For when we have a party, and things get hot, he tinkers with his camera instead of getting it on with us girls. Like last Easter when my sister and her husband spent the night with us, Larry just snapped away. In the first photo, I’m sucking off the prick of my very virile brother-in-law. You should have heard him cry in ecstacy. In the second photo, I’m fucking with Larry, riding style, while kissing my sister. Larry is a skillful photographer, Isn’t he?


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