Exciting – Number 10 July 1979

Exciting – Number 10 July 1979
English, German, French | JPG | 64 Pages | 65.75 MB

Exciting 10 monster member, plus more… Action packed hard-core sex – anal-sex, oral-sex, breast-fucking, fist-fucking, shaved cuts & pissing.

Featuring Models:
Monster Member = Lene (CeeCee Model)

The large cucumber re-minded Liselotte of Bill’s cock. She dreamily fondled it, as she recalled how she first met him at a Disco. It was more the gigantic bulge in his pants, than his dazzling wit that had attracted her, and being an emancipated type, she had invited him back to her flat – meaning to se-duce him. She left her flat mate, Anna, at the Disco. She didn’t intend to share his prick with anyone …

Carlos-Antonio Jimenez, the world famous flamen-co guitarist, was enjoying a well earned rest – hav-ing concluded a sell out European tour. A great friend and admirer of his, had lent the gipsy music-ian his villa in Copenha-gen – to relax in – and it was here that he had in-vited Lone Larsen – a vo-luptous newspaper co-lumnist and music critic -to dine with him. The re-laxed atmosphere and li-beral measures of after dinner liqueurs were hav-ing a strong effect on Lone, and she raised no objections when the hand-some Latin kissed her …

When my lover’s away, to compensate for my loss of the real thing, I go to the bathroom, naked – except for my slip –and admire my body in the mirror. If I’ve been without sex for a few days, I’m usually feeling horny, and it isn’t long before I’ve got my legs open, and my fingers are searching for my clit


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