Exciting - Number 14 September 1980

Exciting – Number 14 September 1980

Exciting – Number 14 September 1980
English, German, French | JPG | 80 Pages | 87.6 MB

Exciting 14 From Color Climax New Scans And Complete Magazine

Featuring Models:
The City Gent, featuring Sooty Turner
Pamela, featuring Janet Monroe
Reluctant Swingers, featuring ‘Hanne’ (dark blonde)

“Wonderful Copenhagen” is a city of “open doors” especially those leading into porno-shops! Vincent and I had both heard this rumour, so we decided to make a trip to find out for ourselves. The “red-light district” of Copenhagen is not quite PigaIle. but damned good, nevertheless. and interesting! The porno-shops especially. In one of them – a smaller more discreet establishment than those on the street corners, we got one of the biggest surprises of our lives …

Maria-Gina is a really -old fashioned” girl and many people who know her, say she should have been born in the nineteenth century. She finds most of her unusual clothing, in junk shops, and antique supermarkets. and her outlook could have come right out of a book printed around the eighteen-nineties. She places high value on good manners, and her cavaliers must be gallant. She enjoys being courted, and loves feeling of being feminine …

I met Irina in a somewhat ordinary situation, but what developed from it was rather extraordinary! My brother Bernard had thrown a party – he loved parties – and as per usual, it went on into the early morning. I had noticed this nice ripe lady giving me randy looks, and I knew instantly that she would not need chatting up in order to have a little fun. Things happened fast. While all the other guests decided to take a midnight “bathe”, I took Irina upstairs and …


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