Exciting - Number 17 June 1981

Exciting – Number 17 June 1981

Exciting – Number 17 June 1981
English, German, French | JPG/PDF | 80 Pages | 170 MB/31 MB

Exciting 17 Action packed hard-core sex – anal-sex, oral-sex, breast-fucking, fist-fucking, shaved cuts & pissing.

Featuring Models:
Cover and Evelyn is Karen Peters
Jenny = Fatima

“Come on Kurt!” Inga used her most persuasivetone, “let’s forget about this communing with nature and go home and fuck! I’m dying to get that fat cock of your’s up my cunt again – to say nothing of my arse-hole!” Kurt’s tool throbbed with anticipation as they quickly took the woodland path towards home. In-ga was feeling so randy, that she had to stop along the way, to fondle her husband’s meaty prick. She kneeled and began to unzip his jeans…

A -ride” with Jenny is both an enjoyable and unfor-gettable sexperience. But the best way – in fact the only way – to get her riding in bed. is to start by tak-ing her for a motor bike journey on the open high-way. When she heard that Henry had just bought him-self a big Honda, she didn’t hesitate to ask to be a pil-lion passenger. It all sounded very promising. Jenny adored the feeling of the motor titillating her clit. She thought it was just like having a powerful vibrator between her thighs…

Since her husband’s death, Lonny was a victim of boredom. Her ony consolation was her dear nephew Stefan, who was in the “big city” in order to study. His widowed aunt spoiled him terribly. and pointless to say: he wasn’t “green” any more. Aunt Lonny had promised to teach him all about city life, and that’s what she did! One day, he invited Jim, a black class-mate from technical school. He was known for his liking of dirty books and smacking girls’ arses…

Whenever Alphonse made his yearly business trip to Rouen, the randy Parisian always had a couple of whores on hand to en-tertain him at his pied a terre. He always got straight to the point, and expected to have his prick out and his fingers in a willing cunt before the girls had even fi-nished their drinks…


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