Exciting - Number 33 August 1985

Exciting – Number 33 August 1985

Exciting – Number 33 August 1985
English, German, French | JPG | 84 Pages | 166.18 MB

Exciting 33 Action packed hard-core sex – anal-sex, oral-sex, breast-fucking, fist-fucking, shaved cuts & pissing.

Featuring Models:
Pleasure In Paris: Brigitte Verbecq (curly hair) & Laura Clair
Randy Rancher: Lois Ayres (blonde) & Tracy Duzit
Candy’s Treat: Debbie Northrup with Marc Wallice and David Sanders
Horny Hands: Mina Houghe and Frank Balard
Pleasure In Paris: also with Jean-Pierre Armand
Randy Rancher: also with Jerry Butler

The two demimondes jumped into Georges’ car, and made themselves comfortable. Georges who was already in a very horny state, reached over and pulled down the top of Simone’s dress, so that he could grab a handful of tit. Aline, who was sitting in the back seat, leaned over between the two of them… “You have to wait till you’ve paid for the goods before you take delivery…!” she re-minded him jokingly…

Thomas was typical rancher, raising cattle on his huge ranch. somewhere in the middle of Arkansas. He was very modern though, and possessed a helicopter, so that he could cover the vast land area he owned quite easily. Sometimes, he dropped in on his neighbours for a drink or a chat On one such flight, he spied one of his fellow rancher’s two daughters sun-bathing some distance from their house. They waved to him as he flew over, and a dirty plan began to form itself in his over-active, overworked libido

Candy was glad that she’d run into Ron and ChM They were both at a loose end that day. she was feeling in the mood for a couple of still cocks to play with, and it didn’t lake long, before they were on their way back to her place. Ron and Cliff were a horny pair of studs, and couldn’t think of a better way of spending a day than screwing Candy – who was more than • sweet!


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