Exciting - Number 46 February 1989

Exciting – Number 46 February 1989

Exciting – Number 46 February 1989
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 Pages | 66 MB

Exciting 46 fuck me baby, plus more… Action packed hard-core sex – anal-sex, oral-sex, breast-fucking, fist-fucking, shaved cuts & pissing.

Barbi’s boyfriend, Danny liked to keep in shape by doing a little weight training… Barbi didn’t mind him working out, as long as it didn’t interfere with her sexual needs. Whenever she felt horny – which was at least four times a day! – the only one of Danny’s muscles that interested her was his “love muscle”! It was big and fat, and the only expanding exercise it needed was a short time in Barbi’s naughty, little mouth…

Joachim needed some quick money, and decided to raise it by selling some of the family silver. Peter, the dealer. wasn’t too happy about the price that was being asked, so Joachim decided to bring his girlfriend, Agnes into the negotiations… “I’m sure, that a nice blow-job will help you make the right decision about the pricer’ he informed Peter hornily…

Dieter was part-owner of a little night club in Hamburg where he was responsible for providing the live entertainment, when the ‘Like-box wasn’t playing. One afternoon. he was sitting at the piano. running through some new numbers, when he realised that he wasn’t alone… “Hi, I’m Susie…!” the big-titled brunette informed him. “I sing and do strip-tease. Is there any chance of an audition?” she added hopefully. “There sure is!” Dieter replied. casting a lascivious glance at Susie’s boobs…


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