Exciting - Number 48 July 1989

Exciting – Number 48 July 1989

Exciting – Number 48 July 1989
English, German, French | JPG | 84 pages complete | 85.7 MB

Exciting 48 fast fuckers, plus more… Action packed hard-core sex – anal-sex, oral-sex, breast-fucking, fist-fucking, shaved cuts & pissing.

Sex Trio: Joy Karins
Girls at Work: Dolly Buster
Fast Fuckers – Jeanette Littledove

Stories Preview:
Gina was a sexy. little number who liked living life in the fast lane. She had a taste for fast food. fast cars and fast men! That’s why she fell for Ike on their first date… He took her for a spin in his super-tuned Corvette. a quick hamburger, and then drove her back to her apartment in Los Angeles, where he got straight down to sexy business with her!

They went back to the sales-room to enjoy the cakes… Antoinette didn’t notice when Georges put the “closed” sign up. She didn’t notice the significant wink that he gave to Phillip either… “I’m so pleased with this sofa!” Anoinette informed them as she nibbled an eclair in a way that reminded the two men of a woman about to give a blow-job! “We’re extremely glad you are pleased mademoiselle!” Georges replied impertinently. “Do you suck pricks as delicately as you eat eclairs?” he added. If you play with my breasts, In show you!” Antoinette sighed hornily in answer…

Nancy was a “poor little rich girl”, who was used to having her own way. When she invited her boy-friend. Ernst. to stay at her palatial country house for a week, he was delighted. The house had vast grounds where he could practise his beloved golf. Nancy had other “ball games” in mind. Or as she put it: “Why worry about eighteen holes. when you can have the one between my legs?” Ernst agreed. but it still didn’t stop him from sneaking out in the morning to try his new clubs. Unluckily – or luckily – Nancy was there to stop him…


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