Exciting - Number 63 May 1993

Exciting – Number 63 May 1993

Exciting – Number 63 May 1993
English, German, French, Spanish | 100 pages | JPG | 97 MB

Exciting 63 Fist Fuck Fever, Latex Lust 100 Pages!

Featuring Models:
Latex Lust leoparad Jacket Blonde – Jeanette Lange
Mandy (Black Power Redhead) – Tianna Taylor
Fist Fuck Fever – Manuela Tesche
Randy Rocker, Eileen Daly, Maxine Miller, Ben Dover

The world of haute couture and theatre is quite notorious for being populated by more than its fair sham of gay people. Even though Desiree, Sonia and Erica weren’t in high fashion this did not stop them from wanting each other. Desiree designed…

Some people say there’s no such thing as a nymphomaniac. They may be right, but Mandy’s boyfriends would never have agreed with them! She was obsessed by cock, and had a fire burning in her cunt that would have taken a whole ocean to put out. Black, brown, pink or yellow, she didn’t care what colour a prick was, as long as it was working between her legs! When Mandy…

Gregory liked to relax in his own special way. He worked hard during the week, and made lots of money, which he liked to spend on the weekends with a couple of high-class call-girls. He had a favourite couple, but one weekend, the exclusive agency he always used sent him two girls he’d never seen before… Therese and Christa may have been unfamiliar in one sense, but in another, they were very “familiar” indeed! Gregory began by showing them a book of erotic art…


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