Exciting - Number 66 February 1994

Exciting – Number 66 February 1994

Exciting – Number 66 February 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 pages | 101 MB

Exciting 66 Action packed hard-core sex – anal-sex, oral-sex, breast-fucking, fist-fucking, shaved cuts & pissing.

Featuring Models:
Special Girls – Laura Lambkin (Maroon Skirt)
Tit Fucker – Helga Sven
Anal Quartet – Susanna Lerch (Blue Skirt)
Big Black Dream – Krystina King
Denise McDowell Special Girls (white stockings)
Hellena Mykenos Anal Quartet (long haired one)

Stories Preview:
Maureen and Vivian always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. At least, when it came to capturing men… They “preyed” on rich bachelor types. Guys like Paul, for example. The two girls just happened to be driving by his car, which had just broken down, which was a lucky co-incidence for all of them. They offered him a lift home, and he accepted gladly. And when they arrived at his sumptuous pad on the outskirts of Munich, the girls made him another offer that made…

Henry had something of a fixation about mature women with big breasts. That’s why his friends always called him “Motherfucker”. They might have changed it to “Tit-fucker”, if they had known that his strong-est desire was to shoot off his cannon whilst having it deliciously squeezed between a pair of hot, soft-skinned melons! Henry liked his women mature, because he maintained that females, like wine, got better with age! His latest flame, Polly, was perfect for his particular perversion… Her cleavage was tailor-made for his prick, and in addition, she was both experienced and horny…

Jorg was not very happy when his wife Martha dragged him away from the T.V., so that he could drive her to Maria’s place. He hated having to miss his favourite programme. Martha worked for a perfume company, and she had some samples she wanted to show her best friend… At Maria’s place, Jorg and her boyfriend Walther, buried themselves in the financial press, whilst two girls sampled the different scents…

Samantha quite often lay in front of her bed-room mirror when she masturbated. She liked to look at herself and imagine what it would feel like to have a big black prick pressed between her pink cunny lips. Her dream came true one morning, when she met Lonnie, a young negro student, who sometimes did odd jobs around her neighbourhood…


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