Exciting - Number 69 March 1995

Exciting – Number 69 March 1995

Exciting – Number 69 March 1995
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 pages | 102 MB

Exciting 69 fisting babes and hot cock desire
Action packed hard-core sex – anal-sex, oral-sex, breast-fucking, fist-fucking, shaved cuts & pissing.

Featuring Models:
Hot Cock Desire: Nadège
Spunky Car Wash: Natascha Daggi
Two Hole Fucker: Eleonora Boa
Fist-Fuck Party: Erika Bella, Timea Margot
Geraldine (Naughty Nympho) = Mia Powers
Angel – Keanna Reyes

Nina’s boyfriend, a lecherous sod named Roger, owned a little, but very successful firm that imported all sorts of inflatable rubber products from blow-up crocodiles to air-beds… One morning, Roger was feeling in a very randy mood, and his prick was already “pumped” up! “Let me fuck you, baby!” he growled lustfully. “I’ll give you anything you want!” Nina knew just what to ask for! “I want two pricks!” she announced, looking very significantly…

“Jeez! Another rich bitch, who probably doesn’t know the difference between her arsehole and arm-pit!” Arnie thought to himself, as Miranda’s limousine pulled into the entrance of the car-wash where he worked. “Still, I wouldn’t mind doing a job on her!” he added, leering shamelessy, as he looked up her skirt… “Do want the special?” he asked impertinently. “What would that be?” Miranda replied. “Wash and wax for the car, and my private service for the owner!” Arnie laughed hornily. Normally, Miranda would have had a smart answer, but there was something about the guy that made…

When Elaine answered an advert in a sexy magazine for models who had to wear fancy outfits for a video-catalogue, she hoped that the session would turn into something more than just posing for the cold eye of the camera. As soon as she was asked to pose in some very provocative black varnished leather, she felt certain that all her perverted fantasies were about to come true…

Kristina and Katia were wild about discotheques, not only because they loved the vibrations from the loud music, playing at full blast which made them dance until their legs grew weak and their cunts grew hot and sweaty, but also – and in fact, mostly – because they always got very excited when they met “strangers in the night”. Especially rich tourists from the West, who came with hard cash…


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