Fascination - Number 04 September 1995

Fascination – Number 04 September 1995

Fascination – Number 04 September 1995
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Fascination 04 Queer Girls, plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Photo Fucker – Claudia Wonder
Queer Girls – Petra
Natalia Mühlhausen (From Lesbian Love 28)

Stories Preview:
Some lesbians have lasting affairs, where they live like “husband and wife”. Others, like Brigitte and Ulla, live together, but like to spice up their relationship with a little “extra marital” activity. Like the day that Karen turned up at their country cottage… It was the perfect opportunity for them to start a lasciviouis lesbian triangle…

Being a barman has its ups and downs like every other job, but for Jan, the expression took on a different meaning, one evening when his bar was totally empty. Empty that is, except for Anton and his girlfriend, Shelly. They were both very merry on Champagne, and behaving more as though they were in their bedroom than in a disco-bar. Jan looked on hornily, as the two lovers embraced hotly. He even went so far as to remind them of where they were, but Anton simply smiled and replied: “Come on, brother, if you were half pissed on bubbly and feeling…”

Albert was always reading the small-ads in papers and shop windows for models willing to pose for risque photos. He had a camera – that never had a film in it – which he used to trick girls into thinking he was a photographer. Albert was in fact a very sly individual who was only interested in get-ting into their pants. One afternoon, he visited a new model who was called Fanny…


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