Fascination - Number 06 November 1995

Fascination – Number 06 November 1995

Fascination – Number 06 November 1995
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Fascination 06 Girls On Heat, plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax.

Monique and Freda liked to study after college in a café. One afternoon, the place was empty, except for Armand, the owner… “I had closed the place!” he informed them. “I was thinking of having some alterations made, but you two are welcome to stay!” The girls were reading Roman history…

Wolfgang’s friends called him the “wolf”, because of his insatiable appetite for “lambs”. Wolf-gang’s hobby was photography, which he used to lure lovely chicks into his trap. He pretended to know a lot of influential people in the magazine business and his trick invariably worked. Susie was not a naive girl. She was sure that he was full of crap, but she did not care…

Randy was randy by nature as well as by name! It wasn’t as though she’d just tuck at the drop of a hat, but when she met someone she fancied, she was prepared to go all round the world”! August was just her type: a high powered, Bavarian executive, who was in L.A. on business. Amongst his colleagues, August was known as the “fucking machine”, or “super vorscht”. He met Randy at a cocktail party, and as soon as they shook hands, it was obvious that their body chemistry was perfect…


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