Fascination - Number 07 January 1996

Fascination – Number 07 January 1996

Fascination – Number 07 January 1996
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Fascination 07 Fast Fuck, plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax.

Gina liked fast cars, fast food and fast men. That’s why she fell for Ike on their first date. After a spin in his Corvette, they went back to his place, where he got busy with her body as soon as they arrived… He peeled off Gina’s pan-ties and gasped . “That’s what I call a beautiful pussy!” “Stop talking and start licking!” Gina replied randily…

Clara took a stroll around the hospital grounds, before going to see Kelly, one of her private patients. Kelly was rapidly recovering from an anemic condition, and Clara had to give her a last vitamin injection… “I wish that was a cock instead of hyperdermic!” Kelly commented. “I’m suffering from penis starvation!” Ten minutes later, Kelly’s husband Jack, arrived with a bouquet of flowers…

Hanne was having a great time in Ibiza. Her boyfriend Kurt, made sure of that. He was very generous and understanding and great in bed. In other words, she had everything a girl could desire. Or did she? Hanna had always had a secret dream about having a hot sex session with two guys. Her dream became a reality when she and Kurt were taking a stroll by the hotel pool, and they ran into a casual acquaintance called Freddy… It was a perfect…


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