Fascination - Number 13 November 1996

Fascination – Number 13 November 1996

Fascination – Number 13 November 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 52 Pages | 50.58 MB

Fascination 13 Girl On The Loose, plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Featuring Models And Stories:
Girl on the Loose: Deidre HOLLAND (from Rodox 50)
Sinful Trio: Isabel GOLDEN (from Lesbian Love 36)
Erotic Dance: Angelica Bella (from Rodox 57)

After her divorce, Rhonda – who had been a virgin when she got married – decided to make up for lost time… Her “ex” was ultra-respectable, and very concerned with keeping up appearances… Now that she was free, Rhonda was determined to drop the facade of respectability that he had always insisted upon… As soon as she moved into her new house, she took a series of lovers. Greg was one of the first sexual “adventures” she embarked upon. He had only called …

There are three kinds of “girl-girl sex” lovers: those who were born lesbians, those who are attracted by their own gender – even though they enjoy normal sex with men – and those who simply do it for kicks. The latter are those who adore the taste of forbidden fruit and get pleasure out of doing something deliciously sinful… Lola, Gretchen and Sis-se, were a trio of Sapphic sisters…

Ilona and Ilonka attended the same ballet-school in Budapest. The two beauties also shared an apartment – not to mention their most intimate secrets! Ilonka had the hots for Peter, a Danish dancing master, who had just started working at the academy. And when he suggested a few private, early morning lessons, she jumped at the chance. She left the apartment without waking Ilona, who rushed out of the place as soon as she discovered that Ilonka was gone. “She’s not going to have him all to herself!” she thought. “But I bet they’re already having a good time, the randy bastards!”


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