Fascination - Number 19 September 1997

Fascination – Number 19 September 1997

Fascination – Number 19 September 1997
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 52 Pages | 18.2 MB

Fascination 19 A Sexy Visit, plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Featuring Models:
Sexy Visit – Lauren Brice
Girls At Work – Helene Wolf Red Dress
Michelle Charrier
Pussy Love – Denise McDowell

Featuring Stories:
When the lease ran out on Desires little house in San Francisco, the landlord told her that he’d found another tenant. She had to find a place to stay temporarily, whilst she looked for some-where else to live. She decided to ring some of her ex-boyfriends. and got lucky with the first call. Joe said that he’d be glad to put her up for a while. and then laughingly added: At a price!” He had a friend staying with him and Deires “rent” would be her body!

Ulla and Annika jumped at the chance when Ulla’s father offered them an opportunity to earn some extra pocket-money, modelling in his fashion firm… The head designer, Fritz, acted very effeminately, and Annika was convinced he was gay… Ulla was not. To prove her point, Annika began…

Gustav inherited a fortune from his wealthy industrialist uncle – not to mention his randy relative’s love for pussy! In fact. he was so cunt-fixated that he prayed to be reincarnated as a dildo! Freud would have loved him as a patient! His girlfriend, Christel, was well aware of his obsession, and she made sure that her vagina constantly changed appearance. Having tried a lot of “pubic hair-styles”, she decided to shave herself where it realy counted…


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