Hardcore - Number 21 June 1987

Hardcore – Number 21 June 1987

Hardcore – Number 21 June 1987
English, German, French | JPG | 68 Pages | 43.9 MB

Hardcore 21 Porn Magazine From Color Climax

Stories And Models:
Furtive Fucker, first published in Exciting No° 19
Hungry Cunts, first published in Lesbian Love No° 10
Randy Roller, first published in Rodox No° 22
Victoria, first published in Cover Girls No° 18 – Victoria = Jennie Fresh
Rich Boys’ Games Featuring Dorte, first published in Rodox No° 21
Horny Holiday with Ursula Gaussmann, first published in Rodox No° 22
Cover girl (Victoria) Appears To Be Jennie Fresh

When Sonia had caught her boyfriend Jay, reading a porno mag, she very quickly persuaded him to try the real thing instead! Within two minutes of offering him her body. he had his hot cock firmly lodgled between her cool, silky thighs. She savoured the feeling of his engorged member as it warmed her flesh. She lifted her legs to give him a clear passage to her well lubricated quim, and he slid into her like a warm knife slides through butter. Jay groaned hornily as he thrust in and out of her, and his potent prick glistened wetly with Sonia’s abundantly secreted cunt juice…

It was in a dike bar – “Chez Moune” in Paris – that Fabienne met her “Princess Charming”. Blonde, sweet, always laughing or smiling, she was the type of lover Fabienne had always dreamt of. and her reality outshone even the best of fiction! “I’ve got a surprise for you. cherie!” Fabienne whispered to her lover one day. “Don’t tease me any longer… Please tell me what it is!” replied Simone impatiently. “You know what it is, it’s just that we’ve never used it before!” explained Fabienne. Simone’s twat began to water…

Many girls dream about possessing a horse or an expensive sports car, but in Victoria’s case, her dream has always been to have her own swimming pool. And her dream has been realised! This gorgeous chick from Sacremento in California has been much in demand as a model and has also appeared in a few non pornographic plays and movies. This gave her the means to afford her pool. which you can see in these photos … “Now I can do whatever I want!” she in-forms us. “I can even pose for dirty pictures if I feel like it! And to be honest, I often feel like it …!”

Robert was the son of a wealthy industrialist, and having paid a visit to his father’s factory, he and his pal Svend decided to call a couple of call-girls, to save themselves the trouble of a “cunt-hunt”. They arrived at Rebekka and Elisa’s place, where Elisa greeted them in her own special way. Instead of shaking hands, she just said: “Hello, how are you?” and made a grab for the bulge in Svend’s pants instead! “Hmmm, I can see that you’re the type who always rises to the situation!” she added hornily…


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