Hardcore - Number 45 October 1990

Hardcore – Number 45 October 1990

Hardcore – Number 45 October 1990
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 68 Pages | 74.19 MB

Hardcore 45 A Bun In The Oven, plus more… featuring picture-stories specially selected from earlier magazines. This series has been designed to be a pleasure for your eyes, as well as your pocket. The real thing from Color Climax.

A couple of months after her holiday in the West Indies, Gina got a very pleasant surprise, when Tony and Desmond turned up at her place. They had been her lovers in Port of Spain, and they wanted to relive some of the passionate times they’d spent together – and they didn’t mean to waste any time…

Tommy was absolutely wild about pregnant chicks. Having put his old lady in the “pudding club”, he watched her grow plumper and plumper every day. And every day. he wanted her more. He simply couldn’t keep his hands off her beautiful, bulging belly. Linda liked things to grow bigger too – especially her old man’s prick!

Roger was a randy sod who would fuck anything that moved – as long as it was female! And that included his sister, Fiona! Fiona was playing “gooseberry”, having been let down by her boy-friend, and was staying with her brother and his girlfriend, Joy at his country retreat. “It’s a good thing John couldn’t make it!” Roger informed his sister hornily. “I really fancy trying a nice incestuous menage a trois! Don’t you?” he added with a lewd smile…


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