Hardcore - Number 60 November 1994

Hardcore – Number 60 November 1994

Hardcore – Number 60 November 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 68 Pages | 63.28 MB

Hardcore 60 Lust for Leather, The Real Thing on Color Climax, plus more…

Alex had mentioned several times to his girlfriend, Tina, that the idea of seeing her dressed in black leather was a real turn-on. Tina was always ready to please her lover, and one afternoon, she went to a couple of stores in San Francisco, where she bought a whole outfit. When she walked into their apartment, Alex’s prick became instantly erect, when he saw all the black skin studs and chains… “You beautiful bitch!” he exclaimed hornily. “You did it! It looks really great!”

Walther, Barbara and Clara worked on the same stand at a car show in Frankfurt. Walther took care of the sales, whilst the girls – who were both dressed in very flashy, eye-catching dresses – helped to attract a lot of attention to the product. After one extremely hectic afternoon, Walther invited them to join him at his apartment for a little refreshment…

Barbara and Clara were delighted. They drank the wine like water, and pretty soon, they were in the mood for some fun. They both began to act very provocatively. And as Barbara gave their host a very wet kiss, Clara – who always employed the direct approach – made a bee-line for the salesman’s fat phallus. She crouched in front of him, and released the “prisoner” in his pants…


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