Hardcore - Number 64 March 1996

Hardcore – Number 64 March 1996

Hardcore – Number 64 March 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 68 Pages | 72.3 MB

Hardcore 64 Sweet Shaved Cunny, Knock out Knocker plus more… The Real Thing From Color Climax

Featuring Models:
Horny Playboy (is a reprint from Anal Sex 85) – Isabelle Neyle
Knock out Knockers – Beverlee Hills
Sweet Shaved Cunny – Sue Lynn (from New Cunts 60)
Disco Trio – Dolly Buster (from Color Climax 153)

Julio and Jim, were confirmed “tit-men”. They both worked at a boxing club in New York. During their breaks, they always talked about their pet obsession: “big-boobed babes”, as Jim liked to call them. Like a lot of negroes, he liked blondes, because he found the contrast in colour to be very thrilling… One day, during his lunch break, he found the girl of his dreams. Laura was a superb blonde with a pair of “knock-out knockers”! It turned out that…

Rudolf was a T.V. script-writer, who became so busy that he had to employ a private secretary. He believed in mixing business with pleasure. There-fore, he made sure that his new employee was very sexy – not to mention randy! Nikki was well qualified…

Gustav was wild about cunt. That’s why he called the discotheque he owned: “The Pink Pussy”. One can imagine how he felt when he arrived early one morning, to check the stereo system, and he found Han-ne and Suzette, waiting by the entrance. “What can I do for you?” he asked – knowing full well what he would like to do to them! -Let us in, and we’ll tell you!” Hanne replied cheekily…

St. Tropez, is very well known as a millionaire’s playground, and an attractive place for a girl like Juliette, who had the kind of body that men would be tempted to kill for… Her latest flame, was a young industrialist called Oliver. He fell for the young beauty as soon as he laid eyes on her, and after a ride in his speedboat, he invited her…


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