Lesbian Love – Number 01 September 1977

Lesbian Love – Number 01 September 1977
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Lesbian Love 01 hot girls cooling off, plus more… the secret desires of beautiful women

“It’s strange,” said blonde Angela, “but when the summer temperature rises, so does my desire for sex!” “Well, well,” replied her girlfriend, “the warm weather has exactly the same effect on me! It’s just as though my cunt needs something to cool it down all the time.” The two girls had been close, for years — so It wasn’t necessary for them to beat about the bush! In fact It was bloody obvious what they both wanted and needed! They massaged and caressed each other’s delightful bodies till their cunts started oozing with lust!

My name’s Nana, I spend a lot of time with a delightful young girl who loves taking photos of me, There’s nothing that I anjoy morn than posing for her either nude or semi-naked while she’s clicking away madly! When I spread my legs and display my cunt in all Its beauty, she becomes ao randy that she asks mo to wank myself!

Tea and Sisse had Invited me to join them for a game of tennis. They both had a wicked glint in their eye, which I thought I could interpret, so I was rather excited thinking about what could happen! We had a great game and after-wards we returned to the changing rooms. sweaty but happy. Tea laughed and told us that she’d become very randy watching us play and although her words embarrassed me somewhat, I must admit that I found them stimulating. Sud. denly Sisse started to lick Tea s fanny. Any in-hibitions that I had left, disappeared Immediately and grabbing my breasts I whispered to Tea that she should kiss me. She lay me down on a bench and gave me a long, hot kiss. Then I heard Sisse say something about the “sauna room”: we agreed to continue our fun and games in there!


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