Lesbian Love - Number 02 February 1978

Lesbian Love – Number 02 February 1978

Lesbian Love – Number 02 February 1978
English, German, French | JPG | 64 Pages | 135.69 MB

Lesbian Love 02 candle delight, Plus more… the secret desires of beautiful women.

Featuring Model:
Sapphic Suzie = Carrie Sellars.

Lene has an enormous appetite for sex! During a heavy arse-fucking session she was introduced to the delights of lesbian petting by Kate. The desire for each other had lain dormant since that day. Kate loves her job as a hairdresser and what a good chance this was of re-experiencing the joys of Lene’s body! Her hands crept into the luxurious warmth of Lene’s blouse.

“Well, cheers and thanks for the invita-tion,” said Solveig politely in the man-ner that all well educated girls do. She raised her glass. “Glad you could come,” answered her hostess smiling equally as politely. “After all it would be a shame if all that we’ve experi-enced together should come to an end now that were home from Tenerife, don’t you agree?” Susse had as much command over her friends now as she had during their vacation, she pulled out a scarf saying, “You probably all know blind man’s buff, but my version is almost certainly new to you!” The girls listened eagerly. “Solveig, take your clothes off and lie on the table with this scarf over your eyes! One of us is going to lick your cunt gently, but in a characteristic way!”

“You are well known for your crazy ideas, darling!” said Sandy teasingly, “but I really can’t imagine what this means! Bathing in milk! Good heavens what next?” – “I’ve never tried it before but I bet it’s fan-tastic. The ancient Egypt-ian women used to do it -even Cleopatra – but of course they used goats milk. It’s meant to be very good for the skin you know!” Sandy couldn’t help laughing. “O.K. let’s get started then,” she said shaking her head, “I don’t suppose one little try will hurt!”


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