Lesbian Love - Number 24 July 1988

Lesbian Love – Number 24 July 1988

Lesbian Love – Number 24 July 1988
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Lesbian Love 24 lust and luxury, plus more… the secret desires of beautiful women

Jolene and Gina live a life of lust and luxury – a perfect combination! Gina is married to a wealthy banker who is also a bit of a voyeur, and Jolene makes up the third side of their sexy triangle. Gina’s husband loves to feast his eyes on the two lovlies lesbianating each other. but the pleasure is not his alone! When he’s away on business. the two devoted dikes have the perfect method for killing time – a torrid, sappho twosome…

Jill and Audrey were spending their holidays at a bathing resort near San Jose. in California, with Jill’s husband. Audrey was Jill’s best friend. and he was happy to invite her to stay with them. Jill and Audrey were not just friends, they had something sexual going too… One day. whilst Jill’s old man was out sailing, the two “hobby dikes” thought that they would have some fun…

Even though she was happily married to a wealthy antique dealer. Mathilde had bisexual tendencies… And whenever he was away, she liked to play lesbian games with Wendy and Claire. a pair of delicious dikes she had known for quite some time…


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