Lesbian Love - Number 30 November 1990

Lesbian Love – Number 30 November 1990

Lesbian Love – Number 30 November 1990
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 82 pages | 40.1 MB

Lesbian Love 30 three girls who love showing men what they are missing, plus more… the secret desires of beautiful women

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… and very much more sophisticated! One of Ursula’s re-fined specialities was doing a “rose-petal- on her lovely girlfriend. She always asked her not to wash too well -especially just before a love session… She liked the musky aroma that came from between Hilde’s buttocks and inhaled the bouquet” with the same kind of appreciation as a wine conoisseur tasting a mature burgundy…

What Lola loved most of all was the sweet touch of Mathilde’s tongue on her vulva… It wriggled in her slit just like a snake sliding into its hole, and very often, she orgasmed intensely after a very short time…

Pascale, Renate and Susie, were a trio of devoted dikes who shared an apartment in a nice house on the outskirts of Paris. Susie and Pascale were both native Parisiennes. Renate was from Hamburg. but once she had met her two flatmates. she decided to make the “City of Light” her home. They all worked as strippers in a nightclub near the Pigalle, where they got their kicks. turning on the men in the audience, knowing that the poor bastards could only look, but never touch…


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