Lesbian Love – Number 48 July 1996

Lesbian Love – Number 48 July 1996
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Lesbian Love 48 Janine And Anne Know A Perfect Method For Relaxing! – Brigitte Enjoys Some “Black Magic”! plus more… the secret desires of beautiful women

Brunette in Hot and Kinky is Model Tina Tango

When a few guys get together for a couple of beers, it is not unusual for the talk turn to sex. But what the hell, sex is a man’s job – somebody has to do the fucking! On the other hand, have you ever read the graffiti in a woman’s toilet – it would be guaran-teed to have all you macho men blushing! If you studs think you’ve got it all working for you, forget it! Or put to put it another way, you could…

Janine and Anne catered for very private parties. Or to put it another way: after the hors doeuvres and the Champagne had been served, they were ready to take care of the “dessert”, which in this case meant “serving” their pussies. They enjoyed their work – which paid very highly – but what they loved the most, was getting home after a hard night’s “labour”, and “partying” for themselves! Mona(one of Anne’s schoolfriends), who was visiting…

Rose loved kinky gear. Rubber, patent-leather, thigh-length boots, tight corsets – you name it, she loved it! One thing she liked even more however, was a nice big pair of tits… Rose was the female counterpart to most American men – a “tit-woman”! And when she met Kiki in a gay-bar in downtown San Francisco, she knew she had found the perfect partner…


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