Lesbian Love - Number 49 February 1997

Lesbian Love – Number 49 February 1997

Lesbian Love – Number 49 February 1997
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 192.60 MB

Lesbian Love 49 needs no explanation for the title – the hot, lesbian action speaks for itself! This magazine would even make Sappho blush! It’s the ultimate in lesbianism, showing how ladies in ‘lust’ get their special thrills.

Carmen and Miranda shared a little flat on the outskirts of Hamburg. During the week, they were typical “wage slaves”, at the mercy of their chauvenistic bosses. But come Friday evening, they forgot all about work and made for their lesbian love-nest for two days of passion, where they could drop their facades of respectability and behave like a couple of “bad girls”. One Friday, Miranda…

The physiotherapy ward was empty, and Olivia – having confirmed that there were no more patients due for treatment that day – was feeling in the mood for some sexual therapy! “That’s it girls.” she informed her two colleagues. “We’ve got the rest of the day off. Let’s have some fun!” Monica and Rose were one step ahead of her. It wasn’t the first time the three girls had…

Candice was a “tit-woman”. She simply adored huge “melons” When she met Claire at a party, she thought that the drinks were making her eyes play tricks on her! Claire’s mega-breasts were her idea of heaven. Claire was aware that Candice was mentally devouring her – and she loved it. That’s why she accepted her invitation to visit her next evening, for a glass of wine and a light meal – and whatever else was on the “menu”! Candice did not believe in wasting time, and after…


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