Mega Climax - Number 73 December 1996

Mega Climax – Number 73 December 1996

Mega Climax – Number 73 December 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 248.44 MB

Mega Climax 73 super anal edition, plus more… COLOR CLIMAX is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe

Anna was not the kind of girl who hung out in bars. But one evening, however, after she had been to a cocktail party where the company was very boring, she decided to take a “nightcap”, on her way home, at Maurice and Jean’s cafe… It was after midnight, and she was the only customer… “You look as though you could use a double!” Jean remarked… “I could use a couple of cocks, if that’s what you mean!” Anna replied, before she really knew what she was saying…

Elise was not in the mood to answer the door when Johnny, the janitor in her apartment block, rang the bell. She had been to an audition the night before, but there had not been a place for her in the chorus line. She needed a job badly, being a month behind with her rent… “What the fuck do you want?” she asked sourly. “Fuck is the right word, baby!” the caretaker replied, ignoring her insulting tone of voice. “You owe a month’s rent!” he added…

When Mitzi and Karina discovered that there was a Sale at Anatol’s jewelry store in Buda-pest, they were convinced by his lecherous glances that they could get some extra discount. “I only give rebate to special clients!” he informed them. “What if I put up the closed sign? Then we can discuss the matter more intimately!”


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