Mega Climax - Number 74 June 1997

Mega Climax – Number 74 June 1997

Mega Climax – Number 74 June 1997
English | JPG | 116 Pages | 134 MB

Mega Climax 74 office orgy and fist fuck fun, plus more… COLOR CLIMAX is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe

Featuring Stories And Models:
Office Orgy – Tiffany Mynx
Lesbian Toys – Raissa Wedsinsky aka Sylvaine and Lucia Matthews
Fist Fuck Fun – Hayley Jane Russell (Brunette)
Lisa Stretton (Blond)
Busty Barmaid – Lynn Armitage
Sandwich Party – Mesha Lynn
Sperm Dessert – Luma Carioca

Lynn was very pleased with her new job in Frank and Walter’s firm. Her employers were consultants in the world of high finance, but they were very informal types, which Lynn soon discovered… Frank was not the type to mince words, which Lynn also discovered, when she was taking a telephone call one morning, and he began to get very familiar with her. Lynn was not a feminist, and she had nothing against being regarded as a “sex-object”… “I want to fuck you, baby! I want to fuck you right now!” he whispered with…

Janine and Rachel were not lesbians. But their job in a sex toy shop that sold exclusive, kinky gear and every size, shape and colour of dildo imaginable, often inspired them to play the same games that their customers did… One morning, they had just unpacked a new consignment of gizmos that no dike should be without, when Janine – who was feeling all hot and bothered – suggested…

Alex was not too happy when his girlfriend Alice, informed him that her cousin Rosemary, would be staying with them for a week. Their apartment was not so big, and he did not like the idea of having some-one sleeping on the couch whilst they were making wild, noisy love… He changed his mind however, as soon as he saw Rosemary. Suddenly, the thought of having a visitor really appealed to him! His only problem was how to persuade his lover to be the third side of a triangle…


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