Mega Climax - Number 77 January 2003

Mega Climax – Number 77 January 2003

Mega Climax – Number 77 January 2003
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 115 Pages | 131.52 MB

Mega Climax 77 balls of fire and the two dick girl, plus more… COLOR CLIMAX is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe

Featuring Models:
Power Fuck – Sarah Louise Young
Balls Of Fire – Melody Kord
Two Dick Girl – Nancy Lee
London Lust – Loraine Ansell
Rock Star Lay – Elizabeth Starr

David and Clyde couldn’t believe their ears. II was surpnsing enough when the beautiful brunette approached them, flashing a brazen smile. But when the first words came out of her mouth, the two friends had to stop their game and listen, their concentration completely ruined. “My, what wickedly long sticks you boys have. But let me have a better look at your balks:- she whispered.

Doe Dee had always loved rock musk, and rock musicians especially. But when she was younger she had always been too shy to approach the sexy studs after a show But all that changed the day she met Brett. Dee Dee instantly fell for Brett ‘s rugged good looks and his cockney chant*. She also quickly fell for those talented hands that so expertly peeled her clothes off to expose her yearning breasts not to mention other things!

One fine day in Prague. a foxy young redhead named Kataltn decided to celebrate the coming of spring ..and the surging of her seasonal hormones! And so she went in search of sexy men. Two of them! And when Vlad and Igor bumped into her on the street, she tucked them. saying she needed help. Out once she got them alone, she soon let the two studs know It was her pussy that required assistence!


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