New Cunts - Number 10 (1976)

New Cunts – Number 10 (1976)

New Cunts – Number 10 (1976)
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New Cunts 10 Porn Magazine From Color Climax

Nancy is a very popular girl. She has a whole string of boyfriends who compete to take her out because they know what is wait-ing for them later: a lovely, clean-shaven cunt! Nancy is very generous in that respect. “If there is anything I can’t do without, it’s a prick in my cunt,” she thinks, “but it is good to have a little helper for those few times when one must do without a man.”

Paul and Jannie were visiting their best friends, John and Ri-ta. It became very late. “Oh, I am so tired I could sleep right here,” said Rita and laid her head in John’s lap. “Yes, well, let’s see if we can perk you up a little,” smiled John and be-fore Rita could react, he pulled her pants down.

“Oh, a shaved cunt,” gasped Paul watching with his eyes popping out while John un-dressed Rita completely, “that’s one thing that makes me so horny!” “You know all about that, Jannie,” he whispered and started kissing her soft breasts. The two guys were soon ready to burst their nuts, and on com-mand pulled out their pricks and let the girls suck away. “Oh, you two also know the little trick!” grinned John and winked at Paul. “It’s no won-der,” groaned Paul, “Jannie is wild about it.”

“If you like shaved cunts so much, there’s one right here at your disposal!” moaned Rita, “and Jannie could take a little of John’s prick in the meantime.”


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