New Cunts - Number 11 1976

New Cunts – Number 11 1976

New Cunts – Number 11 1976
English, German, French | JPG | 36 Pages | 35.7 MB

New Cunts 11 XXX Vintage Porn Magazine From Color Climax

When the small talk starts drying up, what’s left but to move on to some big topic. And is there any topic bigger or more interesting than sex? At least this was what Liza, Ann and Maria reckoned —also, they had ulterior motives. They had asked the new girl at the office, Jenny, to join in their week-end get-together, and they had carefully laid out a strategy to get her worked up and “join the club”. They were used to meeting regularly for an orgy, and now they were eagerly warm-ing Jenny up to the point where she’d join in.

It didn’t take much coaxing, Jen-ny was very eager. Within minut-es all four girls had stripped each other, hotly fondling one another’s breasts and working up a good juice in their cunts as a prelude to what they knew was coming.

It was quite innocent when John and Angela had asked their new neighbours in for a drink and a chat, but in a short while they found that there was a strangely erotic atmosphere, without any-thing special having been said or done. They felt that Alice and Frank, the neighbours, were very much in tune with themselves, so, prompted by Frank, Angela be-gan accounting for how they had met.

It was at the office, I was doing overtime. I’d never met John to speak to, but of course I’d seen him around at the office, and of course I was a bit keen on him. I had no idea that he was doing overtime too, when I went to the loo …


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