New Cunts - Number 12 October 1976

New Cunts – Number 12 October 1976

New Cunts – Number 12 October 1976
English, German, French | JPG | 36 Pages | 92.46 MB

New Cunts 12 Vintage Porn Magazine From Color Climax

Dietrich knew the fascinating girl, who he secretly watched, as she lay naked and masturbated in a clearing in the park. Her name was Ulla and she lived in his neighborhood. He was discreetly following her. – “Glorious,. he thought, “she seems to need a big prick!. “Hi, lovely weather today, isn’t it?. he said stepping shamelessly closer. It startled Ulla – but then she smiled.

On the machine’s plunger piston was mounted a large artificial prick, which was pushed into Gisela’s cunt. It filled her up completely, and she felt a pleasant tickling between her legs. The thought alone of being fucked by a robot like artificial prick made her horny. When Dr. Jensen turned the ma-chine on, the plunger pumped in and out of her cunt hole, and she groaned with pleasure. – – ”Oh, … Dr … it’s wonderful … oh! faster … oh! fuck me more, more.« Gisela had never felt such a burning, thrilling sensation in her life. Her passion grew and grew.

Jutta also wanted to be fucked from behind by the machine, after she had reached one violent orgasm in the »normal« fashion. And she got her way. »l will certainly repay the favor,« she smiled and stuck the doctor’s prick into her mouth, while Gisela let her fingers glide over her ass and pussy.


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