New Cunts - Number 13 January 1977

New Cunts – Number 13 January 1977

New Cunts – Number 13 January 1977
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New Cunts 13 The international magazine for lovers of shaven cunts by Color Climax

Kate considers herself to be an emancipated woman. “If I like a guy, I’ll get his prick out whenever I get the chance!”
Incidentally, this 18-year-old nymph doesn’t give a damn where she can get rid of her lusty feelings. “Naturally it’s much nicer to fuck at home on a lovely soft bed, than for example on a discotheque’s toilet or in the front of a mini

An evening with Monika is always very entertain-ing. This gorgeous 25-year-old Boss’s secretary, was not only able to pro-duce the most delicious steaks but offer all the amusements that one needed. And she wasn’t at all shy! Just the oppo-site! “Shall we play dice?” she asked. “Okay. but not for money. be-cause I’m broke,” said Benny. All right, who-ever gets a six has to take off a piece of cloth-ing.” said Monika smiling in her seductive way.

Benny and Volker knew her only too well and realised what this was all about. They became rather impatient. -Damn, I still havn’t got a bloody six,” swore Volker. “But I have!” exclaimed Benny happily. ”Get rid of your shirt so that we can ad-mire your Tarzan like chest,” suggested Moni-ka. “oh, it’s my turn again.” “Let’s hope that you get a six, then we can see something de-cent at last!” said Volker randily, staring at Moni-ka’s still clothed body.


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