New Cunts - Number 18 January 1978

New Cunts – Number 18 January 1978

New Cunts – Number 18 January 1978
English, German, French | JPG | 36 Pages | 34.93 MB

New Cunts 18 From Color Climax Including Saturday Evening Special With CC Model Lizzie (Short Hair)

When Lizzie and Therese want to have an enjoyable evening, they don’t need to visit trendy discotheques full of fashion conscious young men — they prefer their own company! They meet a couple of times a week in Therese’s elegant little flat and there is no dilly-dallying! “Darling, if you only knew how much I’ve missed you,” sighed Therese delighted, when Lizzie suddenly turned up one Saturday evening. “Me too,” smiled Lizzie, whilst her girlfriend gently started caressing her breasts through the soft velour blouse. “And how are the two little peaches?”

“It’s a damn exhilarating couple of husbands we’ve landed our-selves with,” said Louise, looking despondently at her friend Rita. “How right you are,” answered Rita, “they do nothing but sit and stare at those dull chessmen, when we’re together!” “Dan is getting chess on the brain,” sighed Louise, “he hardly even notices the sexy underwear I buy to stimulate him.” She lifted up her dress and showed her girlfriend the dainty little pan-ties. “You’ve got a lovely minge, by the way,” Rita smiled, “as I’m sure I have too!” She winked at Louise and laughed!

The two friends adjourned to the bedroom, and Rita produced an electric razor. “This is what I meant,” she said, “men just love shaven cunts!” Louise expectantly spread her thighs, and Rita immediately got to work. “My good-ness, it tickles beautifully,” sighed Louise, wriggling lustily. Suddenly Dan and Richard turned up. “Well, I must say,” exclaimed Richard astonished, “these two are not getting bored!” “You can say that again,” laughed Dan, “need any help girls?” “We won’t say no to that,” invited Louise with a smile.


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